golf tee ink cup pad printer with big stand


Full-automatic printing trapezoidal size clips four sides ink cup pad printer

Description:PPE-PE-8MV-90/400/HR(2) Full-automatic printing trapezoidal size clips four sides ink cup pad printer,Each printing 8 pcs,Yield 6000~7000 pcs / hour.

4-color ink cup pad printer for pens

Description:The automatic machine model PPE-PE4-01: Mainly print on cylindrical objects like little tubes, barrels, pencils and all others on round pens, four colors at the same time. Auto-feeding hopper: Contain 600PCS-1200PCS(according to the size of object),the detecting sensor keep the feed uninterrupted. Chain transport system: With a precise indexing gear. An automatic lubricating system can be set different time interval. Printing status: Max. Speed 3000 PCS/hr for single color printing, intelligence printing with the sensor & program under the PLC control. Drying tunnel: IR drying device has a warm air blower with a temperature adjustable up to 65°,and it has a function for automatical stop when machine stopping, etc. and for ABS, polystyrene, PVC and any other material where inks require short drying times. Final cooling device: the warmer & dried work pieces will be cooled by a next cooling device before packaging. Safety protection device: The higher lever safety protection system, because of total 6 emergency stop switches, a set of light curtain sensors and a pair of long-distance photoelectric switch of all back door.

Fully automatic pad printer for ping-pong balls

Description:This model PE-6 pad printer can prints two ping-pong balls each time in a competely full auto printing precedure, and its printing capacity is about 3000pcs/hour.

Fully auto pen clip pad printer

Description:This model PE-6 can print four pen clip in a completely full auto printing course, its printing capacity is about 4000/hour.

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